Jane Grisewood Artist


Research Interests
Time / Memory / Movement / Repetition
Drawing / Performance / Process / Art-Science

I am preoccupied with themes of time and transience, liminality and dislocation, movement and memory. Living in the southern hemisphere and then in the northern, with subsequent shifting back and forth, has had a considerable impact on my art practice and research questions in relation to how I view place and space, and more significantly, the invisible dimension of time (which has led more recently, to interest in other invisible forces). Responding to issues of periphery and distance, liminality and flux was the catalyst to begin investigating the physical act of moving through the act of drawing: marking, visualising, measuring and recording the temporal experience, leading to my practice-based PhD, Marking Time. The research was underpinned by Gilles Deleuze’s theories on the line and becoming, along with his notion that it is not so much what something is but what it can do or be.

In addressing research through practice, connections between micro and macro, dark and light, vision and touch have become paramount. The impact of the haptic is particularly significant, enabling a dynamic relationship between body and surface, while investigating the notion of the inherent ‘blindness’ in drawing, working with darkness, with eyes closed or averted.

Current research in time and movement extends to the liminality of space and the temporal dimension where I am attempting to understand the physics of astronomic phenomena, facilitated by art/science collaborations and artist residencies in observatories in Arizona, Hawaii and Chile, and in University College London astrophysics group. I am interested in researching and recording transitory objects, spectra, dark/light, black holes and the dark universe through a range of processes and media.

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