Jane Grisewood Artist


Quantum to Cosmos

My explorations in time and movement persistently shift between the micro and the macro scale. I am attempting to investigate, understand and visualise/record ourselves – our bodies, our actions – while also moving beyond our earth-bound temporality to see how we relate to the enormity of space – the universe – and the potential multiverse. For some time, I have been reviewing the art-science connection in my work, in both the microscopic and tiny quantum world to the telescopic and unimaginably vast cosmos. The extraordinary complexity of physics and cosmology has been the starting point for my recent work, which has consistently adopted a loose scientific methodology that operates between structure, unpredictability and chance. The focus on the temporal dimension and liminality of space, with everything in flux, has been the catalyst leading to discussions with scientists that initiated four artist residencies to research, document and develop new works in a closer art-science context. See About the Artist Residencies and Where Art and Astronomy Meet. I have been recording in observatories and outside at night, through drawing, photography, video and text, focusing on blackness, dark and light, and the continual changes and movement in space, while preoccupied with the nature of the mysterious dark energy and dark matter that accounts for 96 per cent of the universe. How to visualise invisible dimensions is an ongoing challenge.

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quantum to cosmos