Jane Grisewood Artist

drawn together

Drawn Together
Peformance Drawing Collective

Drawn Together includes London-based artists, Birgitta Hosea, Carali McCall Maryclare FoĆ” and myself, who collaborate on performance drawing projects. We began in summer 2008 during a residency at the Lethaby Gallery as part of practice-based research at the University of the Arts London. We have been examining sound as drawing, drawing as time-based activity, deconstructing animation as performance and using drawing in performance as a sculptural form to investigate limits of the body.

On specific projects we experiment with different forms of collaboration alongside considering how our individual practices converge or contrast with each other's. For example, at the Centre for Drawing in London we integrated different media and approaches to drawing, involving the audience to create a single collaborative work. Between 2010 and 2014 we completed our practice-based PhDs and have since re-engaged in several new projects covering research/writing and drawing/performance.

view Arc: I Draw for You / The Centre for Drawing / Studio International / Tracey: Fragmentation / Notes on a Table

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